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A Short Biography:

I'm Vincent J Newman, i was born in Norwich, England,
i'm a completely self taught Artist, 
i started out as a Street/Graffiti Artist then i got into Song Recording and Music Production, I was part of the U.K Hip Hop group Unherd Science we had a small Cult following in Norwich and other parts of the U.K during the late 90's.
we recorded a few Albums in my Home Studio but never released any material officially. 

I still continue to work on Music projects under my Stage Name Vinnie Vagabond i am currently working with other Artists and Producers from all over the U.K and world including Electro/Rap group Electric Mannequin and help to Promote young up and coming Artists. i have just finished a Solo Album that is available to download free online and i am working on a new music project with MonoXcyde called The CheekyFvntz formally known as The Class Clown'z. 

In the past few years i have rediscovered my Passion for Art and i have been very prolific creating lots of Work and i also enjoy Acting and Comedy projects i am currently working on lots of Movie and Sketch Show Material making a name for myself as a versatile Character Actor and i am now experimenting with Filmmaking and Video Art.

I love making Abstract Paintings and Art Prints and also like to experiment with other mediums such as Digital Art and Photography. 

All my work is totally improvised i never have an image in my head when i start a piece, as you can see from my Gallery my work is very unique and eclectic.

Thanks for dropping by, Vincent.

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